Fortner Hosts Successful Forum on Clean Energy

Representative Mike Fortner recently hosted a clean energy forum to provide background on the Clean Energy Jobs bill (House Bill 2607). The forum brought together a wide variety of advocates from different sectors in the community; from government to business to interest groups like the Sierra Club. Representative Fortner and Representative Steve Andersson (R-Geneva) were on hand to answer questions and provide legislative insight on the bill.

Rep. Fortner is already a co-sponsor of the Clean Energy Jobs bill, and he stressed that any interested groups who want to share important information and voice concerns about the bill are helpful, in order to produce a comprehensive piece of legislation.  “We need to update state policy to bring in technology that can aid us economically - to create jobs, reduce pollution, and save money. This is an issue we’ve known is coming for a while and as a state representative, I welcome input to help us create the best bill possible to achieve this.”

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