Future of E-Learning Could Replace School Snow Days

Springfield, IL…Snow days could become a thing of the past with State Representative Mike Fortner’s legislation that would create an E-Learning pilot program instead of extending the school days into the summer. House Bill 2781 passed the House with overwhelming support.

House Bill 2781 would allow for the State Board of Education to establish and implement a pilot program for the use of E-Learning days in selected schools.

“Students would have an opportunity to deliver the classroom content through electronic means in the event of a snow day,” said Fortner.

The E-Learning program would allow the students as a group to receive instruction electronically without being physically present at school. The E-Learning days would be limited to a number of days, not to exceed 5 days, during the school year. The participation in this program would count towards the required number of days for each student’s qualified attendance.

“Using this type of E-Learning has been successfully used in other states, particularly in the State of Ohio. Ohio uses a combination of E-Learning in addition to excessive snow days,” said Fortner. “They’re individual benefits for our young students that can come from E-Learning days. Often, we notice the lack of attention from students when extending the school year into the summer. Technology provides us the opportunity to maintain a productive classroom schedule without distraction or prolonging the process.”

House Bill 2781 as passed provides that the State Board of Education shall establish and maintain, for implementation in selected school districts during the 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 school years, a pilot program for use of e-learning days. HB 2781 currently awaits consideration in the Senate.

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